Qualitative methods

Qualitative datacollection methods

Although you’ve been working as a researcher for many years, a refresher course can be very helpful. With this workshop qualitative methods, we deal with interviews, deskresearch, observation etc. We discuss research options and – criteria. The workshop contains a presentation and a Q&A-session, so all your questions will be answered.


3.5 hours (1/2 day) including break


From € 1,040.-- (excl. VAT; this is a target price, customization is negotiable)


Maximum 15 participants

What can you expect?

  • A program that takes into account your wishes/suggestions. This means that your own case material and examples will be included in the presentation.
  • Thorough preparation and possibly an additional meeting to ensure that the course/workshop meets your requirements.
  • The course/workshop itself, provided with a presentation and other materials necessary for the course. I generally work with my own books and teaching materials, but I (gladly) use case materials from your organization.
  • Follow-up care, such as answering questions arising from the course, evaluation, or sending articles afterwards.

Example of a programme

Introduction and getting acquainted

Presentation on topic: what data collection methods are available for qualitative research

Presentation on topic: population and sample


Presentation on topic: organising interviews

Interaction: Q&A or intervision

Closing remarks