In 2003 I started writing about research. My aim was and is to make books that are relevant to the reader, that feel close to their own experience and that explain research techniques in understandable language. Besides, I think it is important that statistics results are put to use in the right manner. In my book ‘Statistiek in Stappen’ (in Dutch, translation: Statistics in Steps), I presented a stepwise procedure that enables you as a researcher to use statistics in the right fashion and draw valid conclusions. This book is also published in English (2020).

My most famous work is ‘Doing Research’ (in Dutch ‘Wat is Onderzoek’), a practical guide for higher education. The book is widely used in higher and scientific programs and it is seen as a standard in research methods in The Netherlands. The English version (Doing Research) also enjoys a growing popularity. I also write books for vocational programs and for teachers, regarding the supervision of research.

At the start of 2020 I published a book on Thematic Analysis. It deals with qualitative analysis. The past few years I noticed that qualitative research is becoming more popular and organizations are looking for the story beyond statistical results. As I did in previous books, I wanted to describe qualitative methods in a clear and understandable way that lead to usable conclusions. To be continued…

Besides being a writer, I also develop (online) course material on research and statistics. For instance, I developed a research tool (just look at the website of Doing Research); the tool guides you step by step in setting up a research project and carry out data collection and analysis using the research phases from my book. I also currently contribute to courses for vocational (research) education and statistics for engineers.

My complete publication list can be downloaded below.