Monitor Talent to the Top

Analysis and report on the percentage women at the top of organizations

From 2008 onwards, the foundation Talent to the Top publishes the results of their monitor research. Since 2019 I take care of the preparation and analysis of all data, and since 2020 I also with the report. Firstly, I prepare and analyse all data. Secondly, I develop and interpret tables and graphs. After writing the report I also take care of most of the formatting. The first result of our collaboration was presented under the title ‘Just a matter of taking action’ (Henderikse & Verhoeven, 2019). This report was presented on June 29, 2019 to the Belgium Minister of Finance and Development Cooperation, Alexander de Croo. Last year, in 2020 the presentation of report (Verhoeven & Henderikse, 2020) took place online.