Advise during research and analysis

For the Scientific Centre of GGZ Centraal, a mental health organization in Amersfoort, I’m the research- and statistics advisor. Mental health care organizations are knowledge intensive, and with (scientific) research, this knowledge remains up-to-date. GGZ Centraal in Amersfoort was looking for an expert in the field of quantitative research and -analysis who’s also no stranger to qualitative research approaches. They came to the right place.

Every fortnight I’m available in Amersfoort as advisor and sparring partner for supervision and advice concerning every aspect of (scientific and applied) research that takes place at GGZ Centraal. It regards quantitative research, for example experimental design and analysis using SPSS. It can also concern qualitative design, using thematic analysis and ATLAS.ti.

Besides tailormade advice, I also offer professionalization trajectories at GGZ Centraal, by means of workshops on a statistical subject, for example the analysis of repeated measures.